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Sustainability Report [PDF Format]
Sustainability Report
Letter from the Chairman_
Principles for the 2013 Sustainability report_
Report boundary and structure_
Our contribution to the communities: social cash flow_
Contribution to the public administrations_
Universal Service_
Telefónica as a responsible investor_
Corporate responsibility and sustainability as part of the Telefónica vision_
Corporate responsibility and Sustainability structure in Telefónica S.A._
Materiality: focused on the key issues_
Stakeholder engagement_
Ethics and compliance_
Customer satisfaction_
Labour practices: staff_
Labour practices: working environment and commitment_
Labour practices: training and talent management_
Labour practices: attracting and retaining talent_
Labour practices: fair play and performance recognition_
Labour practices: freedom of association and social dialogue_
Labour practices: health and safety_
Management of diversity_
Sustainability in the supply chain_
Sustainability in the supply chain: responsible minerals provisioning_
Human rights_
Human rights: respect for children rights_
Human rights: commitment_
Privacy: an open and secure internet for all_
Freedom of expression_
ICTs for children_
More accesible services_
Digital education_
The key role of telcos in constructing the digital world_
Innovation at Telefonica_
Digital inclusion_
Response to emergency situations_
Social action at Telefonica_
Social for entrepreneurship: open future_
Social for entrepreneurship: wayra_
Social for entrepreneurship: talentum_
Social for entrepreneurship: campus party_
Social for entrepreneurship: think big_
Green ITC and environment_
Environmental management_
Energy and climate change_
Electromagnetic fields_
Green ITC services_
Smart sustainable cities_
Global environmental leadership_
Table of indicators_
Awards and acknowledgements_
Compliance with global compact_
Best practices summary_
Validation Report LBG